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Google no longer interested in Google Apps business?

I have long believed that Google will eventually get out of Enterprise business (read Google Apps and more). I have observed some signs since Larry Page took over. Recently, there are two signs that reconfirm this.

First, Google Apps VP Dave Girouard leaving Google. Second, Google doubling their focus on other areas (ignoring Google Apps). Today’s Slate article mentions this again.

What’s changed is that Page and his management team have mandated that all Googlers focus on seven business areas, and that they don’t look to expand Google’s reach beyond these core initiatives. The seven areas are: search, advertising, social networking, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and local mobile commerce.

As you see Google Apps or Enterprise focus is missing here. I don’t expect Google Apps to disappear immediately. It’ll enter a mode similar to Blogger - basically in maintenance mode with no focus.

Update: Wall Street Journal talks on the same topic.